project: Exchange of artists in residence between SÍM & VdDK1844 in 2020

Although our society is copartner of an old building with 44 studios, we are not running a guest-studio up to now. One of the studio we except to use as a guest studio was no longer approved due  to fire protection.

Now with support of our culture office and the studio of one of our member we are able to offer 3 guest studios for the members of SÍM:

  1. Guest studio, Franz-Jürgens-Straße 12, House 3, with approx. 45m² in May, (Mai 8th – June 8th)
  2. Guest studio, Franz-Jürgens-Straße 12, House 10, with approx. 45m² in May, (Mai 8th – June 8th)
  3. Guest studio, Aachener Str. 39, 80m² apartment incl. working space, in August, for sharing use,
    the studio is owned by Mrs. Masami Takeuchi, the daughter (22 years) lives in a room upstairs.
    The guest should be a female artist.

The residency rules of SIM should be the common base for both sides.
Each society, SÍM and VdDK1844, has the fully right to manage the selection of their artists in residence and would send the contact data to the other society, which will accept their choice.
Price for each studio for one artist is 560, – €.  One guest is possible with additional fees. see FAQ Guest fees

Application deadline is February 15th

For more details please see the flyers.
Guest-Studio Franz-Juergen-Str.
flyer Aachenerstr.39

The association „Verein der Düsseldorfer Künstler zur gegenseitiger Unterstützung und Hilfe“, short VdDK1844, was founded in 1844  by members of the Düsseldorfer Malerschule and 150 further artists. The association set up an aid funds for needy artists and their survivors. This was the predecessor of today artist’s social fund. The town Düsseldorf is due to VdDK1844 the building of museum like the Kunsthalle and Museum Kunstpalast.

The association is 52.5% owner of a building with about 44 studios. We are operating three studios in Paris.
The VdDK1844 founded another society “Verein zur Veranstaltung von Kunstausstellungen e.V.”, which is responsible to manage an annually exhibition “DIE GROSSE” since 1900, located in the Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf with over 10.000 visitors in 2017.
All our members belong to both societies. Up to date we have 220 members.

Some links (unfortunately only in German)  (Verein zur Veranstaltung von Kunstausstellungen e.V)
Wikepedia nice story board (only in German)


Cancellation policy
If cancelled 8-4 weeks prior to the scheduled arrival date 50% of the residency fee is refunded.
If cancelled 4-0 weeks prior to the scheduled arrival date none of the residency fee is refunded.

Guest fee
Artists in residency are allowed to have one visitor staying with them. Children under 14 years cannot be brought to stay in the residency.
Please inform us in advance.

For guests staying 1-6 days a fee of 40,- € per person/ day is required.
For guests staying 7-14 days 25% is added to the artist´s residency fee.
For guests staying more than 14 days 50% is added to the artist´s residency fee.

The guest fee can be paid on arrival.
All guests are provided with bedding and towel.


We have assembled this set of rules to make your stay in the residency as positive and fullfilling as possible. We thank you in advanced for observing them.

Smoking is forbidden in the residency apartments and the use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated.
Residents keep their own rooms and studios clean.
Residents staying at the same time must follow the cleaning plan provided for each month or make their own system of cleaning the living/dining/kitchen room; shower rooms; toilets; corridors and stairway.
Cleaning supplies and toilet paper are provided. by VdDK

Please inform the office if anything breaks or of damages and malfunctions of the equipment and space so it can be mended.

Painting or drawing on the floor and the walls is not allowed.
The trash from the kitchen has to be taken out to the bin every day.

Please be considerate and tidy up after you have used the joint rooms.
Do not leave unwashed household items on the tables or in the sink, but in the dishwasher.

The use of toxic fluids, in particular nitro, aerosols, petrol and benzin is not allowed.

Residents are responsible for anyone who stays with them or visits. Please see our GUEST FEE information and note that all guests staying must be notified to the residency manager.
Loud noise is prohibited in the apartment and studio after 10 pm. Disturbances and/or drunkenness might result in eviction.

When leaving please remove all your remaining consumables or artist materials from your room, the kitchen and bathroom or give it to somebody else personally.

Thank you for your consideration!